I chose these natural smelling scents to represent the great outdoors. What an angler smells as one walks thru fields of grasses, bushes and trees to get that fishing hole. These natural smelling fishing fly gel candles™ fill the air when lit, perhaps reminding oneself of distant memories of a fishing trip.

- Big Hole River Rain
- Montana Sage
- Moose Creek (Raspberry)
- Northwest Berries Gold Tint
- Pioneer Mountains
- Pitchy Pines
- Sage & Cedar
- Sweetgrass
- Tall Timber (Fir)



From the high mountain stream to that hole around the bend.
Deep canyon walls with majestic river roaring.
To the open misty sea.
We are there.
To bring back memories of a fishing journey gone by.

Cindi Brookins, the Fly Candle Lady