Frequently Asked Questions

General info about our candles
The Brookins Fly Candle™ burns different than a normal paraffin candle that you may purchase. The area in the candle where there is melted hot wax/gel is called a burn pool. Paraffin candles have a burn pool that reaches across the glass wall of the container. This gel candle has a burn pool of the size of a 50cent piece. The flame will be smaller than a regular wax candle too, this is due to the content of oils from gel and fragrance.

We choose zinc wicks, “Conforms to 16 CFR 1500.17[a]13” the lead point in the wick is .004%. We can make with a paper core wick– but the wick may bend, just ask. Brookins Fly Candles™ uses a reputable gel that will last 8.5 hour per ounce of gel.

It is recommended to burn candle 3 - 4 hours, any more than recommended time will cause the small layer of gel below the burn pool to be discolored. You will notice this right below the flame line, it changes the tint to a darker color in that area. It will still burn the same.

Like any candle - don’t burn the last half inch of gel, the gel will have a high concentration of oils that will burn faster then the gel and could result in fire. When the candle has finished it’s complete burning power, there will be a wall of gel that did not slough into the burn pool. This wall keeps the impression of the water, the fly and leader line. So the fishing fly candle will look the same.

What makes your gel candles unique?
When the fly gel candle is lit in a dark room, the river scene comes alive as if the suns rays were casting down on the rocks below.

What are gel fly candles made of?
Brookins gel fly candles compose of mineral oil, resin, quality non-toxic wick and a hand tied fly. Our suppliers are reputable companies and provide us with the highest quality gels and resins.

Are gel fly candles safe?
Yes, Brookins Fly Candles® are safe if proper candle safety procedures are followed. All of our candles are shipped with a warning label on the bottom of them which should be read prior to the candle being lit.

How long do gel fly candles burn?
A good quality gel candle will burn approximately 8 hours per ounce which is about 3 times longer the a traditional paraffin wax candle.

How should I store the candle?
Keep the lid on the fishing fly candle when it isn’t burning, gel likes to attract dust and particles that are in the air.

Will these candles smoke?
The only smoking this wick will do is when it has been extinguished. I personally lightly moisten my fingers and touch the wick to stop the smoke. Or wait 4-8 seconds for smoke to clear. There are little black flakes that can break off during a long burn or shortly after the flame is extinguished, this is caused from the mushroom effect the wick creates from the flame. When the flame is out and the gel burn pool is still hot, you can collect these specks with a tooth pick, just touch and scoop up.

Why are there bubbles in the candles?
Bubbles are natural occurrences caused from oxygen pockets the sands and rocks have. Trapped when the gel hardens up. This unique scenery will leave the candle if the environments temperature is above 85 degrees. No, bubbles won’t come back. Shipping in summer months may cause bubbles to leave as well. Leaving the candle in sunlight is very realistic, however leaving out for long periods of time will result in a slight cloudiness in gel.

Do you make custom gel fly candles?
Yes, we do make customize gel fly candles® for individuals and wholesalers. Simply Contact us by email or telephone. Please let us know the type of fly candle® you would like crafted and we will prepare a quote for you immediately.

How long does it take for you to ship an order?
In most cases we can ship an order the same day we receive it. Large quantities and custom orders require more time in which we will gladly advise you when to your order will be filled and shipped.

Please Note: Orders from HW, AK, and international will have additional shipping costs from those shown on the order form. Please Contact us and we will calculate the correct shipping cost for your order.

We provide prompt shipping using Fedex as our primary shipping company. When your shipment is sent, will we send a e-mail containing a tracking number and the time it is expected to arrive. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact us.