Our Story

Brookins Fly Candles is still based in the small rustic town of Melrose, Montana, home of the famous fly fishing waters of the Big Hole River.

The idea of this unique fishing fly candle™ was created in my kitchen in the summer of 2000. I purchased a bucket of gel to play with and made a couple of sea shell candles. That was boring, so I placed garnets and quartz crystals in a container made for a candle. The crystals didn’t show up and garnets were blah looking under gel. But, I wasn't going to waste that gel!

I went and got an old Dan Bailey fishing fly and threw it in there and I thought, "Wow, how cool is this?" The next day, the president of a Montana chapter of "Trout Unlimited" saw the fishing fly candle hidden among my wax candles at the Butte Farmers Market. He told me I had a big thing there and got me my first wholesale account…

Well, my life changed fast, and I had no time to fish. This fall we are retailing my candles in all 49 states in addition to filling many web & catalog requests!

Cindi Brookins